The Crew

Being Human Cast originally started off as a crew podcast, produced and voiced by Andy and Suzi. A lot has changed over the course of our episode reviews, so if while listening you are wondering what’s going on, this will hopefully explain all…

Andy and Suzi first bumped into each other while working on Buffy Between the Lines as members of the FX crew. Shortly after Andy became the Assistant Producer for Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland and Suzi also joined the Happyland Crew working on sourcing the sound clips for the episodes.

Being Human Cast came about when Andy felt that it would be great if there was a podcast that discussed Being Human, he spotted Suzi mentioning on Twitter how much she enjoyed the show and approached her to see if she’d like to get involved. She did and the two of them initially worked together to create the show. Andy is based in the UK, Suzi in the US, so they brought different perspectives to the reviews.

John joined the crew shortly after Episode 3 posted, coming on board to edit the episodes.

Towards the end of 2010, for various reasons, Suzi’s life became very busy. So they decided to grow the crew, and the awesome Lisa came on board. Lisa is also based in the US and has a wealth of podcasting experience and a love of the genre.

However by the end of 2011, real world pressures on Suzi and Lisa’s time, coupled with the limited opportunities when time zones aligned, meant that something had to change. So after consulting with Suzi and Lisa, Andy decided to go it alone and now hosts the show together with a different guest host for each episode.

Hopefully you will enjoy spending time listening to Andy and friends review and discuss Being Human.

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