BHC031 – Fanfic Chapter 9

Hi everyone, sorry this is a few days late, real world been messing with me the last few days… I hope you enjoy this latest instalment of @kinkyclawz‘s amazing fanfic.

Now that we have just about calmed down from the end of Season 3, we are starting to plan to pick up our episode reviews again, firstly by wrapping up our review of Season 2. So all being well our review of Season 2, Episode 8 will be available in a few weeks time and then we will start discussing Season 3; and hopefully throw in some other fun stuff along the way.

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Lisa

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BHC030 – Fanfic Chapter 8

So it’s Sunday evening and there is now no Being Human on the TV. Season three having finished two weeks ago and Becoming Human last week.

However we have brand new fan created content right here. So get comfy and enjoy the next chapter in @kinkyclawz‘s amazing fanfic.

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Lisa

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SyFy Renews its version of Being Human for a 2nd season

BBC Being Human Blog article on the UK Being Human 4th season renewal

BHC029 – Fanfic Chapter 7

Well I hope you all enjoyed our last episode with Barry P. If so please leave us comments and feedback on iTunes…

So two weeks have passed and it’s time for another look at what’s happening in the world of Being Human and to hear the next chapter in @kinkyclawz‘s amazing fanfic.

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Heidi

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BBC Press release re: Becoming Human

Birmingham UK Memorabilia convention Music Database

S3 BBC Shop UK
S3 Amazon UK
S3 BBC America Shop

BHC027 – Fanfic Chapter 6

Hi, so we’re back with Chapter 6…

The next episode to air will be the follow up interview with the amazing Barry P and then two weeks from now we’ll be sharing Chapter 7 with you; enjoy…

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Christine Peruski

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EW interview with Aiden Turner
Toby Whithouse Digital Spy article

Other Links:

Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention

BHC025 – Fanfic Chapter 5

Welcome back, the story continues with Chapter 5.

We also have a couple of fun promos and news; enjoy…

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Lisa

Promo 1: Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV

Promo 2: Lilith’s Love Podiobook


BBC America Being Human official site
BBC Becoming Human Web Series site article about Becoming Human web series

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