BHC036 – Answers from Rebecca…

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions via the website and Twitter. All of the questions submitted can be read here.

Hope you enjoy listening to the answers…

Guest: Rebecca

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5 Replies to “BHC036 – Answers from Rebecca…”

  1. Hi,
    First off, many thanks to Rebecca and Andy for doing the Q & A session. Very entertaining and informative. Well worth the wait!
    Great questions and great answers too, great prospects for S5 and the blog in the meantime. *still jumping up and down for great anwers on my Q’s*.
    Well done, kudos 🙂

  2. Wow!
    Firstly, a huge thanks to you guys for this, amazing! I really didnt realise how much our blog contributed to the BH world!! Thanks again 😀

  3. Andy! Rebecca! That was amazing! Thank you so much to you both! What a great interview!
    Thanks so much to Andy for doing this for us – really appreciate it. And it was wonderful of Rebecca to answer all the questions, really informative, which helps so much in understanding things about the interface with the BBC that we only have/had a hazy idea about.

    I’ll have to listen to it again and digest it – and I’d like to comment on a few things that were mentioned. But here is one, as an example…

    The term ‘Blog Mistress’ –

    Funnily enough, about a year ago the Head of Blogs introduced the 3 minute rule, which meant that more blogs could be modded reactively instead of actively (as we were then) – basically, it saved money.
    The BBC Blogs Homepage had a blog – which explained all the new developments and other things, one of which was about ‘Who owns a blog’ – and they used the term:
    ‘ the owner’ of a blog – the Blog Master – has full editorial control at all times’
    And there you have it!

    Thanks again for such a wonderful and informative podcast – lovely to hear Rebecca (and her evil cackle as she plots away) hope she carries on having fun as our Blog Mistress for S5.

  4. Love that Rebecca is as hooked on Hal as us (many of us anyway), that moment when Damien signed into Skype… Thanks for this Andy!

  5. Hi

    Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to do this Rebecca and Andy.

    Very interesting and fun to listen to, and really made me appreciate even more how much hard work you put into the blog Mistress R (imagine not having an evening off where you could really relax for 2 months….)

    Looking forward to our (minimum) monthly blog updates over the long hard summer… no pressure!

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