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  1. Hello! Ask away…
    I’m sticking around for series 5 and speaking with Toby and the crew… so FIRE AWAY.
    Another thank you for being so wonderful to me.

  2. First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled that our Blog Mistress Rebecca is ‘sticking around’ for series 5 and speaking with Toby and the crew’.

    1. By the end of Series 4 the Blog was averaging around 5,000 comments in a week. Were you pleased with the amount of traffic on the Blog and do you ever get any feedback from the BBC or Zodiak Media on its continual success?

    2. In the same way that Lord Toby writes a Blog Post from time to time, could we ask other members of the Crew if they would like to write a Blog Post? It would be great if Derek Ritchie, MikeyJGall, Ryan or Laura could write something about filming S4 (their best bits for example).
    I’d also like to meet Helen Tucker (make-up) and know how she did Mr. Snow’s make-up, please.

    3. Rebecca, when they start filming, will you get the chance to go to Barry with a camera and ask the cast and crew questions? I’d like to see you do it rather than somethone else.

    4. Sci-fi magazines often have awards each year (and I hope we win a lot but no-one has ever nominated us and someone has to fill in the forms) so please can the BBC/Zodiak fill in the forms when the chance to nominate Best Sci-fi Blog comes up?
    (PS can we please not go to GEL *shudders*)

  3. Rebecca – have you enjoyed manning the blog this series?
    what do you think about the BH bloggers? I have no experience at blogging anywhere else – never wanted to. Are BH bloggers different to any others that you’ve encountered?
    would you be able to let us know on the blog when any awards and such-like come up (like MancVamp says) and tell us where to go/contact/email so that we can ensure our favourite programme gets the attention it deserves?
    what sort of thing would YOU – yourself – like to put up on the blog next year?
    And thank you for manning the blog again for series 5 woohoo!!!

  4. What has been your favourite thing about working with the Being Human team, and putting up with us fangirls?

  5. With the demise of the much beloved Annie, are there now plans to develop other formidable, female characters in Being Human into villainous, adversarial characters, such as the vampiress, Golda, to fill a Herrick role?

  6. 1. How do you get such a fantastic job? And what’s you’re favourite thing about it?
    2. What sort of ideas would you like to personally implement for the BH blog in the future?

    Also thanks to you (& of course the rest of the crew) for making the blog so enjoyable 🙂

  7. Thank you for all you’ve done for us this season, Rebecca.

    My favourite blog posts are the “behind the scenes” ones. I’d love to find out more about things like choosing the locations, novel or tricky pieces of filming and producing special effects on a low budget. It’s always great to hear from our wonderful crew.

    Thank you.

  8. A big thanks to you for looking after us so well. You’ve done a great job.

    Is there a team behind the blog that you are the face of, or is it very much all down to you?

    Have you ever met the Mods and did they scare you?

    And a plea – could you ask the Beeb to change the 3 minute rule to, say, 2 minutes? Pleeaase!

  9. Hi Rebecca. First and foremost, a huge thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in for us bloggers this season. So pleased you’ll be on the rollercoaster again for Series 5.

    My question : Who actually decides what the content of the blog will be? After the huge *coughs* success of the live blog with both Michael and Damien, is this something you’d consider doing again or was it all a bit too stressful? Personally, I’d have gone into meltdown.

    As has been said by others, my favourite thing is when we get a behind the scenes blog and would love to see more of those if possible.

    A huge thank you again to you, the cast and crew and not forgetting the great writers, for making Sunday nights so fandabidozzy!

    Sasha x

  10. Sorry, thought of another question – but don’t answer it if you don’t like it:

    Whose idea was it to run the 8 scrolls on the Blog on-line content? The Scrolls got quite a mixed response, were you surprised by that?

    Did you have any scary moments when posting a Blog Post? Is it a complicated process?

    Did you have a response to a Blog Post that you found surprising/shocking? The Nina script was really upsetting for me (ignore/excuse/forgive total meltdown)

    And thanks to Andy and Rebecca for doing this on a Bank Holiday.

    I wish I worked in Social Media. Imagine being paid for being the BH Blog Mistress! 😀

  11. Having a linked account for @lycurious on twitter was an interesting idea and it was an good added extra to be able to interact with “Cutler” (or poke him with a sharp stick!) as far as it went. The account really started to catch the characters voice the longer it went on and it was a shame not to have used it more.#

    I wonder if there are plans to incorporate more links into social media?

    I like the idea of supernaturals being online, after all, no one knows who – or what – you are that way!

  12. dear Mistress Denton,
    since your arrival as BH blogmistress, this blog is bubbling with joy and activity for which all of us bloggers are most thankful. Is it acceptable to ask if this year the ‘inter’season’ is going to carry on being alive? from when?
    We beated twice the 10 000 posts goal post, but it was a long dry spell of nil blog entries. Please do tell us that this is not going to happen this year?
    We are these days all buzzing with wild theories up to the ones related to a galaxy far far away, and a long long time ago!
    Are you in the dark just like us? Would you like to participate in the farthest fetched theory competition?

    We miss you, dear mistress.

    Your most humble servants
    Saint and lil’miss Panda

  13. More questions

    shall we be given the answers for the scrolls. by answers I mean not the general meaning, but the significance of the runes , the method of reading like for egyptian hyeroglyphs?

    shall we get more scrolls, more letters

    when does Alex OnLine begin?

    will Mr Rook and his rollocking men in gray get a special video/blog entry?

    do you know something about season 5 we do not know and would you like to share?

    well, somebody had to try right?

    thank you again

    ps, if you are in the dark, just like us, would you like to be free and partcipate in our competition of the wildest theory about season 5… it is the Return of Censsa, RIGHT?

  14. Twitter Question:
    @johnALnicolas: @tvbhc #BeingHuman @SamWitwer enjoys the bbc series n
    likes to promo it, Do u guys consider ever consider a crossover event?

  15. Twitter Question:
    @lauren_1701: @tvbhc This year we had amazing blog content, will we
    have the same with Series 5?

  16. Twitter Question:
    @lauren_1701: @tvbhc Also next year with the blog is there a
    possibilty of getting some behind the scenes clips?

  17. Twitter Question:
    @Londonerlaura: @tvbhc @MancVamp I’d like to know what’s Rebecca’s
    fasination with Zombies and will they be making an appearance in BH5?

  18. Twitter Question:
    @Londonerlaura: @tvbhc People felt Series 4 had not been promoted well
    (eg. no trailers on BBC1). What does Rebecca think? Will #Series5 have
    more publicity

  19. Twitter Question:
    @Londonerlaura: @tvbhc Rebecca, What was the “Hal music” DM played you
    before the #BeingHuman blog Q & A & do you know what the other songs

  20. Question submitted via Contact Us…
    Message from Ria:
    Hi there,
    Question for Rebecca: with Aidan leaving the show after 3 series, how
    did the character of Hal came about? Was he written up before the
    ridiculously talented Damien came aboard? Or was Hal written with
    Damien in mind. Love to hear!

    Q2: BH & fans love lists: what about polls or lists of funny lines,
    funny outfits, great music etc.

  21. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for all the hard work this series, providing so much information, keeping us intrigued and waiting with baited breath, and acting as liaison to Lord Toby and the cast and crew. Really enjoyed all the additional content (the letters were brilliant) and appreciate the effort that went into keeping it all updated. Congratulations on a great series.

    Have three questions, if I may:

    1. Is there anything additional, or different, you’d like to see for the blog for Series 5? If so, what?

    2. To echo aquamarine_jo : Really loved @lycurious on twitter, the werewolvesarereal on facebook, and the interaction between the accounts and fans. Had a blast playing a bit with @lycurious. Also really liked the real time use of Cutler Nick Cutler tweeting/using his mobile, and a real tweet popping up shortly thereafter.
    – Will there be more use of social media in S5, and opportunity for interaction?
    – Any chance of interaction during the off season?
    – Any chance of updates or tidbits or bones thrown to us through social media during the off season?

    3. Loved your humor throughout the series. Any chance of you doing a bit of behind the scenes for S5 – giving us your take on the filming and characters?

    Thanks again! See you round the blog!

  22. Too late, I think.

    But just in case, I will add a serious question anyway.

    I really liked the 4th series on the whole, but I did actually think it was rather let down at the end by unsatisfying sloppy plotting. Individual scenes were really great, but there wasn’t enough fleshing out of the main series story arc and too much was disjointed and just not congruent. So is there any chance of TW et al taking note of criticism on these blogs along with all the otherwise deserved good feedback?

    And just for the record, although it has been said, would love to hear news and teasers regularly during the long lull to series 5.

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