BHC034 – S3E2 – Adam

Welcome to Episode 34. Again sorry its been a while coming however there has been a lot of change going on behind the scenes. From now on I’ll be hosting all the episodes with different guest hosts, there’s a little more on this over at our Crew Page…

Also if you are wondering why we mention nothing about the Russell Tovey news that happened since our last episode, well both this and the next review were recorded before this news broke, so I won’t be sharing my thoughts on this for a little while yet.

So I am again joined by the awesome Valerie to review the second episode of Season 3, Adam’s Family.

You can also find Valerie here and here.

Discussion: Season 3 Episode 2, Adam’s Family

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BHC033 – S3E1 – Consequences

Welcome back to Episode 33…

Yes after a longer than expected delay, and a few technical wobbles, I am pleased to be back with our review of the first episode of Season 3. I’ve already got the next two episodes recorded so hopefully we can get back to new content every two weeks…

As season three starts the consequences of the actions and decisions that our favourite characters made are starting to bite, Mitchell is having to deal with the aftermath of his dramatic falling off of the wagon, Nina and George are rebuilding their relationship and Annie is literally in hell…

I’ve a new guest this time, the awesome Kari, who as well as being a fan of Being Human is also one of the hosts of The Signal.

I hope you enjoy this review, and if you did, please let us know. Leave comments, iTunes reviews would be really appreciated…

Guest: Kari

Discussion: Season 3 Episode 1

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BHC032 – S2E8 Review and the one with all the audio problems…

Welcome to Episode 32, sorry its been a while coming… This time I am again joined by the awesome Valerie to review the end of Season 2.

I had some significant tech issues with this recording and in the end had to rely on a transatlantic audio bridge, so I apologise now for the quality of the audio, hopefully the content will make up for it…The problems are now fixed so we’ll be back to normal for the next review.

Discussion: Season 2 Episode 8

Additional: You can also find Valerie here:
Rose White and Resonance Chicago

BHC031 – Fanfic Chapter 9

Hi everyone, sorry this is a few days late, real world been messing with me the last few days… I hope you enjoy this latest instalment of @kinkyclawz‘s amazing fanfic.

Now that we have just about calmed down from the end of Season 3, we are starting to plan to pick up our episode reviews again, firstly by wrapping up our review of Season 2. So all being well our review of Season 2, Episode 8 will be available in a few weeks time and then we will start discussing Season 3; and hopefully throw in some other fun stuff along the way.

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Lisa

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BHC030 – Fanfic Chapter 8

So it’s Sunday evening and there is now no Being Human on the TV. Season three having finished two weeks ago and Becoming Human last week.

However we have brand new fan created content right here. So get comfy and enjoy the next chapter in @kinkyclawz‘s amazing fanfic.

Fanfic Author: @kinkyclawz

Read By: Lisa

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