Merry Christmas

Hi everyone, thanks for sticking with us through a bumpy  year, 2012 should be fun, we’ve still got the rest of S3 to review and S4 to look forward to on the telly.

Thanks again to everyone that has been a guest host, to Suzi and Lisa, to @kinkyclawz for her FanFic and also thanks to John who without his support there would be nothing to listen to.

Plus thanks to everyone that follows us on Twitter and all the Follow Friday’s, they are really appreciated.

Have a shiny Christmas and New Year…


Quick Update

Hi, just to let you all know. The next episode is recorded and ready to go, we’ve just been having a few tech issues behind the scenes which I want to make sure are all resolved before we start pushing out our reviews on the third series.

Thanks for bearing with us…


Not long now…

Hi everyone, just to let you know we now have recorded a few of our reviews of Season 3, the first of which should be posting end of the week…

Thanks for bearing with us, and thanks to everyone on Twitter that has been #FF us to remind folks that we’re still here.



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