BHC003 – So we’re back…

Okay so here it is Episode 3, our extended Christmas and New Year hiatus is over and behind the scenes we have been working hard to tighten up the shows format, firm up our schedule for 2010 and launch some new ideas.

Now this episode was supposed to have posted on the 29th, that’s the bad, the good is that we are not going to slip back the overall schedule because of this. So this means that in a weeks time you will get another episode of the Being Human Cast, and this will be our first mini episode.

Discussion: Series 1 Episode 3

Promo 1: The Signal – Season 6

Promo 2: The Signal – The First Rule of Flying – Songs From The Black II


Released on April 12th, the second series of Being Human is now available for pre-order at Amazon UK.

So how can you get involved?

As we discuss in the show if you want to send us your ‘Why I Love Being Human’ story then please send your MP3 recording to [email protected] . Or alternatively send us the text as an email and either myself or Suzi will read it out.

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