Being Human Live

Wow, Being Human Live was awesome. I nearly didn’t go as the weather has been terrible but I’m glad I risked it.

Can’t wait to watch it again on Sunday, remember UK folks, BBC3 21:30…

Now I would upload my photos but to be honest they are not great, my little camera phone did not do the event justice so instead I recommend you check out @bbcbeinghuman the BBC Being Human teams Twitter feed which contains some great images. Also checkout BBC THREE PRESENTS BEING HUMAN LIVE which contains some great video from the evening.

Unfortunately I didn’t see much of Lenora and Aidan but I did get to meet Russell and Sinead. Sinead is awesome, if you don’t follow @SineadKeenan on Twitter you must. She really took the time to talk and interact with the fans and I really want to thank her again for that, utter complete and total pleasure to meet her…

So what can I say about Episode One, well obviously not much as I don’t want to spoiler anyone, however as expected it’s a lot darker than Series One, but still has that ability to go from the depths of darkness to full on comedy sitcom and back again in a few minutes… I absolutely loved it. I really think it sets the tone for the series to come, and just like the episodes in Series One I cannot believe how much the pack into one episode. Arrrggg want to say more… Will do after Sunday 😀

All I will say is that you won’t be disappointed…

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  1. Whoa! I am happy you went! Sounds like it was great!
    I totally agree with you about Sinead, she is lovely and often takes time to answer to your @tweets to her, which I think is really sweet of her.
    I am really looking forwards to watch BH tomorrow! I just wish they were doing the same as last year and drop a feed to watch the episode online on the Saturday night! 🙂 Oh well I have been waiting a few month I am sure I can wait for an extra 34 hours or so… 🙂

  2. i do wish it was easier for me to go to such events. being in the states its hard to do so. but i know one day or another ill be able to meet them! must have been amazing! i cant wait for next sunday, it keeps getting even more amazing the more i watch it! 🙂


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