BHC005 – The Music of Being Human

Welcome back and thanks to everyone who has been leaving us messages and downloading the episodes we are both overwhelmed by the support we have been receiving.

So Episode 5 is a little different, instead of being a discussion on Episode 4 as you may expect this one is all about the music used in Series 1.

Unfortunately Suzi couldn’t make the discussion but Andy was joined by the awesome Odile, one of the hosts of the Sending a Wave podcast, and together they look at the music used in each episode. Huge thanks to Odile for all of the research and knowledge she brought to this discussion; enjoy.

Discussion: The Music of Being Human Series 1

Promo 1: Scapecast

Promo 2: The 9th – a HEROES podcast


Bizarrely in a freak timing coincidence the BBC blog team have posted a number of posts on the music recently…

Thank You For The Music

Know the Score

Here are some of the other links we refer to in the episode…

Alabama 3

Spotify – you will need an account

We’ll be back in two weeks with our next mini episode where you will get to hear all about why Odile loves Being Human.

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