BHC009 – No One Gets Left Behind

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So we’re back with the penultimate episode of the first season. Join Andy and Suzi as they discuss Mitchell’s descent back into the world he has tried so hard to escape from, Annie finally getting closure with Owen and a blast from Mitchell’s past when old flame Josie makes an appearance.

Also we’d love to hear from you if you know what Annie said to Owen, as neither Andy or Suzi could recall if this had been revealed or not…

Discussion: Season 1 Episode 5

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We are still after your ‘Why I Love Being Human’ stories so please send them to us…

At the time of posting the latest news I have on Being Human Season 2 in the US is that it will air on BBC America on July 25th, by which time Suzi and I will have probably already started reviewing Season 2…

2 Replies to “BHC009 – No One Gets Left Behind”

  1. You wondered what Annie said to Owen. Honestly I think we’ll never know exactly what she said, but in episode 6 season 1 Herrick tells George he will chase them to the edge of the world and pick the meat off his bones, and Annie admits that’s basically what she told Owen.
    That plus finding out George is a werewolf and Mitchell is a vampire is what sent Owen over the edge. Imagination is so much more scarier than reality in my book.

  2. Thanks for the comment, sorry for not responding sooner but this got caught in our spam filter… I hadn’t remembered Annie saying that but will look out for it when we review episode six.

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