BHC013 – Being Human Season 2

Woohoo we’ve finally made it to Season 2. Don’t get me wrong I obviously like Season 1 but I love the second season. Plus it finally means that I can stop watching what I say, well within reason anyway…

Discussion: Season 2 Episode 1

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Oh and congratulations again to the cast and crew for their nomination for Best Television Show at the British Fantasy Awards 2010

2 Replies to “BHC013 – Being Human Season 2”

  1. My take on season 2 episode 1.
    Here we are almost 30 days after the last episode. George and Nina are done, as far as he’s concerned. I don’t think he has any idea that he may have hurt Nina, so he’s looking at it as if she’s so disturbed by his killing Herrick then why doesn’t she leave. Her answer I need you to see me through this. She should have explained what she meant. She needed to tell George about being scratched. I think he would have dealt with that differently if she hadn’t spent a month pushing him away. A month of being harassed by vampires and George’s at the end of his rope. The closer he gets to the full moon. The more the beast comes to the surface. So he’s more carnal, more animal, and Daisy likes that.
    Speaking of Daisy. I like her character. She was a good addition to the cast. What I think you guys missed is that Daisy is the reason her daughter is in the hospital in the first place. She tried to kill her at home, but she wouldn’t die. The hospital when George stops her is her second attempt to kill the daughter. She resent her daughter for having the life she never would.
    Annie has no clue. I love her. A ghost in the service industry. Priceless.
    George: What if someone touches you?
    Annie: What kind of pub do you think this is?
    Is she serious? Lol.
    Mitchell should have killed Lucy. Enough said.

  2. Carol, spot on thanks for noticing. Yes we completely failed to mention that it was Daisy that put her daughter in the hospital in the first place!

    Glad someone is paying attention 😀


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