BHC015 – Unravelling

This time out Andy and Suzi are joined by the awesome Toni…

Together the three delve into Episode 2 of Season 2 of Being Human. They discuss how the events in the worlds of our three house-mates begin to have significant impacts on their lives. As everything they worked so hard during Season 1 to build; begins to unravel around them…

Discussion: Season 2 Episode 2

Promo: Browncoats Redemption, Browncoats Redemption


By the time our next full episode airs Season 2 will have started on BBC America; hope everyone in the US enjoys it…

3 Replies to “BHC015 – Unravelling”

  1. Hey maybe you guys can help me. What’s with Annie’s eyes? It says on that her eyes are violet when she is haunting, and blue when she’s visible. Where is that explained or is that something they made up to explain the continuity issues? When I first say it I said no way the crew could miss she was wearing contacts, but I never heard it explained.

  2. Hi Carol, I spoke with Toni who has the following answer to your question:

    I don’t think this was actually explained on the blog or in any recorded form but someone did talk about it at the Mayhem festival last year… Basically there are subtle changes in Annie’s costume depending on the situation: When she is visible, when she’s unhappy etc. the contact lenses are just one of those things! Like you say she has Blue and Purple and then her normal Brown eyes – it was something that was thought about not just one day when Lenora randomly decided she wanted blue eyes LOL they fit in with the changes to her cardigan, leggings and also her jewellery (she sometimes wears a jade bracelet). Basically the changing of colour and changes to costume are reflective of her mood.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Okay I’ll set that aside as just something ghost can do. Hey I never even mentioned how versatile that top is. I think with that thing in your wardrobe you don’t need more clothes. lol. Thanks for the answer.

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