BHC035 – A Place That You Love…

Welcome back, this is a great episode to kick off 2012 as I’m joined by the awesome and amazing Rebecca Denton, the BBC’s Online Exec for Being Human. Together we discuss her background, and a little about Season 4, don’t worry no spoilers…

This episode was recorded the night after Episode One of Season 4 aired in the UK; enjoy…

Guest: Rebecca

Discussion: Being Human, Rebecca and other tangents

2 Replies to “BHC035 – A Place That You Love…”

  1. First and foremost, many thanks for such a great podcast – it was great to hear Rebecca Denton talk about her new role as On-line exec for Being Human and we all wish her the very best of luck – it has been wonderful to see her participating in the blog and on twitter with the ‘army of fans’

    I’d like to make a couple of comments – these are not criticisms but just add to the points that I already agree with:

    You raised the question of the BH UK Blog on-line content being available in the USA when it starts on BBC America on the 25/2/12 – but BH is also shown in Australia/New Zealand and in many countries around Europe. There are bloggers and fans from all over the world that watch BH

    Being Human on-line is quite unique within the BBC – as the BH Blog was one of the first blogs to be launched at the BBC. Compare the BH Blog to any other Blog on the BBC for, not only the amount of comments posted (over 45,000 comments posted from the end of S3 to the start of S4 alone – whenever has that happened?) but also for the amount of traffic (visitors/hits) that the blog receives – continually the highest in the BBC Vision range.

    It’s a shame that the BBC don’t really ‘get’ on-line content or its success – why hasn’t anyone at the BBC nominated the Blog for one of the many on-line awards -eg SFX award for best Sci-fi Blog?

    I’m a little worried that Rebecca talks about the on-line content “for the next eight weeks” and what then? During the last year, the Bloggers on the BH Blog were supported by the cast and crew of BH during filming of S4 as we had no Blog Master. They literally supplied us with on-line content. As a piece of social media history – there is no doubt that the BH Blog is unique.

    As Barry Pilling pointed out in an OffTheWall podcast earlier this year – the real ‘stars’ are now also fans that have been creative with BH in their own terms – filling in the gaps and the void that is left – such as on youtube, tumblrs, fanfic, blogs, fansites and even podcasts.

    But there is no doubt that the on-line content on the Blog has been fabulous this year. Many thanks to all the people that put it together.

    And thanks again for the great podcast.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, yes you are spot on apologies for being rather UK/US centric. The blog forms such an integral part of the entertainment experience that I wish everyone could view the show in this way.

    Totally agree that the blog doesn’t get anyway near enough recognition…

    Glad you enjoyed the chat with Rebecca, I’m hoping to get her back on soon, however next time I want to get questions from my fellow fans to ask her… I’ll post on Twitter and on here nearer the time…


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