BHC001 – Polo’s and Episode One


Well here we are with our first proper episode. This month Suzi and Andy battled with Skype to record this for you, although hopefully you won’t be able to tell…

We discuss Polo mints, UK airports oh and also Episode One.

I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to email us / leave comments, here or on iTunes etc. We’d both love to hear what you think…

4 Replies to “BHC001 – Polo’s and Episode One”

  1. Hi Andy! Hi Suzi!
    I have finally got round to listen to your podcast! Overall I enjoyed it and I love the conversational aspect of it, it’s a lot like what we do on Sending a Wave, so that was good but… yes there is a but, and please take it as constructive critisism, at times it felt we had not watched the same show… it felt like you did not remember how the episode was structured and I felt a bit frustrated by that… sorry…
    The other thing you did not discussed at all, and I was so surprised about it, was the choices of songs they used in the episode as they are a big part of what make Being Human so good in my opinion, they are so well match to what’s happening on screen and this is true in all the episodes really, so I would love to have your point of view on those.
    Ok… I think that’s all for my first feedback, looking forward to the next show! Take care for now! 🙂

  2. Ho! I am bcak…
    I hav e made a spotify play list with most of the songs from the first show if you are interessted, here is the link:

  3. Thanks for the feedback, we’re still feeling our way with this and the music is not something we have previously discussed much. In Episode Two we also don’t really cover this but it’s something we’ll look to do in Episode 3; and don’t worry about highlighting how we can make the show better – those sorts of constructive comments are really helpful to us… 😀

  4. I think the thing with Mitchell and the TV, why it means SO much to him. Is because it makes him feel connected with humanity. He speaks fondly of watching TV in one episode when he’s trying to relate to “fitting in” with humanity. So really, its his bit of humanity that he holds on to for comfort. Like a blanky of sorts 🙂 its a huge representation of what makes humanity humanity.

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