BHC012 – Why Suzi likes Russell

Welcome back.

This time Suzi is talking all about what makes our very own Mr T so special…

We still need more ‘Why I Love Being Human’ stories to share with you so please send them in. If you’re not sure how, go get a pen and paper as Suzi explains all.


3 Replies to “BHC012 – Why Suzi likes Russell”

  1. wow, I really love your podcast, but you should do some research before doing your ramblings, suzi…

    1. the site you were not only pronouncing but actually spelling out wrong is (after Elton)
    2. EVERY actor wants to play “the bad guy”, it’s more challenging and more fun, I’ve never ever heard any actor saying anything else, they all agree on that.
    3. the show is called “doctor who” the character is called “the doctor”, it’s not a mr. who with a medical degree.

    sorry, but I couldn’t just let that go…

  2. Hiya, thanks for leaving a comment. We love to hear from folks about what they think. Suzi asked me to mention that she did get a lot of her info from the BBC’s Being Human website. However if we did get anything wrong, sorry about that…


  3. Why I like Russell Tovey. It’s got to be his eyes. Does he wear color contacts? A man shouldn’t be blessed with eyes that vibrant and blue, or turquoise. Enough said on that topic. Goes without saying he is a brilliant actor. Hope he never leaves BH. You know an actor is talented when they recast all the other parts and never thought to replace him.

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