We’re Still Here!

Hi everyone, just in case you were wondering where the new episode was, well we haven’t finished it yet; sorry!

It’s holiday season and the crew have all been busy doing other things, but we aim to get our next episode out in two weeks time and then be back on our normal schedule.

Thanks for listening and if you want to send us comments, feedback etc. please do…

3 Replies to “We’re Still Here!”

  1. What holiday are you celebrating? Here in America there are no holidays in August, except my birthday, but I understand everyone doesn’t partake in that one.

  2. Hi, I was just referring to it being summer time so many of us are taking time out for holidays etc. This tends to make scheduling interesting!

    However in the UK we do have a public holiday on the last Monday of August…

    Oh and have a great birthday 😀


  3. Oh right you guys say holiday and we call it a vacation. Gotcha. thanks for the birthday wishes.

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